Why is the Turkey-Syria earthquake so terrible?

Turkey-Syria earthquake is so terrible
The earthquake caused hundreds of buildings to collapse in Turkey and Syria. And people are trapped under these buildings

As of writing this report, the number of people killed in the terrible of Turkey-Syria earthquake that hit Turkey- Syria has exceeded 4000. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.8 on the Richter scale. An earthquake of this magnitude is officially classified as’ severe’. Fault lines are said to play a major part in the inflexibility of earthquakes.

Fault lines play a major part in earthquakes at any position. Large parts of the crust’s face are called monumental faults. And the cracks between two monumental plates are called fault lines. Earthquakes generally do around these fault lines.

history’s earthquake broke about 100 kilometers of fault lines in Turkey. Because of this, the earthquake has taken a terrible form. And the structures near this fault have been destroyed.

” There have been two similar deadly earthquakes in the last 10 times and four in the former 10 times,” said Professor Joanna Faure Walker, head of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London.

But this damage isn’t caused only by vibration. How strong the structures in the country are also affected. In Turkey and Syria, the earthquake struck in the early hours of the morning, when nearly everyone was at home and asleep. Because of this, numerous people lost their lives in the structure collapse.

According to the US Geological Survey, utmost of the structures in the Gaziantep area are made of a slip up, which is veritably fragile. These fragile structures make the residents living there more vulnerable to earthquakes.

Carmen Solana, from the Department of Volcanology and Risk Communication at the University of Portsmouth, said structure in southern Turkey and especially Syria had largely collapsed. Because of this, saving the lives of those trapped now depends a lot on their response and deliverance work. The coming 24 hours are pivotal for the deliverance of survivors. After 48 hours, the number of people who survived is greatly reduced.

Rescue operation is still going on from the rubble
Rescue operation is still going on from the rubble

The area where the earthquake began has not endured a major earthquake in further than 200 times. There were no warning signs. Because of this, it’s also assumed that there will be a deficit in earthquake response and deliverance operations in this region.

numerous further people were injured in the important Turkey-Syria earthquake. numerous are still missing. utmost of these people are believed to be buried under the debris of structures that collapsed in the earthquake. Deliverance operations are underway.

After nearly 84 times, a terrible earthquake hit Turkey again on Monday. Before that, in December 1939, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 passed in the northwestern part of Turkey. At that time 30 thousand people lost their lives.

The earthquake passed at 417a.m. original time on Monday. The center of the earthquake was near the Turkish megacity of Gaziantep on the Syrian border. also, the earthquake was felt again.

Turkey’s sanctioned estimates say that 14 thousand 483 people were injured in the earthquake in Turkey. 4 thousand 748 structures collapsed in the country during and after the earthquake. A state of exigency has been declared in Turkey in this incident.

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