Death toll in Turkey and Syria earthquake rises to 4365

The number of people killed in the Turkey and Syria earthquake has increased to 4 thousand 365.

Turkey’s disaster management agency said on Tuesday that the number of people killed in the country has increased to 2,921. Injured 15 thousand 834 people in the earthquake.

Turkey-and-Syria earthquake

On the other hand, 1 thousand 444 people have been killed in Syria so far. Injured 3 thousand 411 people.

This earthquake occurred yesterday Monday at 4:17 am local time in Turkey. The epicenter of the earthquake was near the Turkish city of Gaziantep, which borders Syria. The origin of this earthquake was at a depth of 17.7 kilometers below the surface. After the earthquake, there were more than half a hundred earthquakes.

Thousands of houses, including many high-rise buildings, collapsed in Turkey and Syria after the earthquake.

Turkey-Syria earthquake - recovered a body from under the rubble
Rescuers recovered a body from under the rubble.

Efforts are underway to rescue people trapped under the rubble. The number of dead people is expected to increase with the rescue.

After yesterday’s earthquake, various countries and organizations have announced cooperation in Turkey and Syria. The World Health Organization has already started working in Turkey.

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