How Al Nasr’s teammates see captain Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
Al Nasr captain Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr for a sky-high salary. Ronaldo’s income will be 4 thousand 469 crores in Bangladeshi currency in a two-year contract. This huge figure is the highest in the history of the sport. That number is still a dream for Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappe.

The Portuguese star has already played three matches in Al Nasr. Apart from this, Lionel Messi played an exhibition match with PSG for the Saudi XI. The evaluation of Ronaldo’s experience and stardom at the club in Saudi Arabia has been good.

He has been given the responsibility of captaining the club. Al Nasr’s experienced defender Abdullah Madu was removed from this role to make him captain midway through the season.

How do the Al Nasr footballers see the matter? A few days ago, Brazilian footballer Ruiz Gustavo, Ronaldo’s teammate at the club, said that Ronaldo’s presence made the game difficult for Al Nasr’s players. Naturally, it would seem that Ronaldo’s captaincy midway through the season may not have gone down too well with the rest of Al Nasr’s players.

The Uzbek star of the team, Zaloliddin Mashripov, said that there is no dissatisfaction among the players of Al-Nasr about making Ronaldo the captain. He feels that Ronaldo’s stardom, experience, and standard of play would have caused discomfort if Ronaldo was playing under anyone else.

The rest of Al Nasr’s footballers also think so. That’s why they see the matter very naturally, ‘If Ronaldo were to play in Al Nasr under someone else, it would be a bit strange. It was to be expected.

Saudi Arabian national team player Abdullah Madu. He had to give up the captaincy for Ronaldo. Mashripov said that Madu took the matter very naturally, ‘Madu was our captain. When he was told to give up the captaincy for Ronaldo, he handed over his armband with a smile. I think this is the best way, there is no alternative.’

Ronaldo at Al Nasr
Ronaldo’s journey to Al Nasr has started with a mix of good and bad

Ronaldo is being given luxurious facilities in Riyadh

Ronaldo is being given luxurious facilities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is being kept in the luxury hotel Four Seasons. Ronaldo’s personal assistants and security guards are staying in 17 rooms. Ronaldo lives with his girlfriend Georgina and the children in a duplex suite. Naturally, compared to Al Nasr’s teammates, these privileges of Ronaldo are special.

Madu has sacrificed his captaincy. And Mashripov left his jersey number. The Uzbek footballer wore the number 7 jersey from the beginning of Al Nasr. But after Ronaldo came, he gave him his number 7 jersey on the instructions of the club. He is wearing the number 77 jersey.

There were rumors in the media that Mashripov was leaving Al Nasr because of this anger. However, the Uzbek football dismissed the rumors and said that he is very happy to give the number 7 jersey to Ronaldo. He has no complaints about this, ‘Before Cristiano arrived, everyone was asking me, “Will you give him your number 7 jersey?” I used to say, “Why not give? His name is Cristiano Ronaldo. Such a player should be respected in any way.” After giving him the number 7 jersey many thought I would leave Al Nasr. But I have no problem with that. There is no question of leaving the club. The club and the coach of the club want me on the team.

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