Voters looking at the Election Commission, there are many speculations

The polling station in the Gaibandha-5 seat by-election was directly monitored by CCTV cameras from the election building in Agargaon, Dhaka. It captures the chaos in the booth: Collected

Enterprises are replete among the choosers whether the by- election of Gaibandha- 5( Phulchari- Saghata) seat will be held again, the results of the uncompleted centers will be declared, or only there-polling of the 51 centers that have been laid over will be held. Starting from the tea shops of the two upazilas, this discussion is now far and wide. Choosers are looking forward to what the Election Commission( EC) will decide.

A mixed response was seen among the choosers regarding the by- choices in different areas of Phulchari and Saghata upazilas on Saturday. still, the choosers want that there should be no chaos when the pates are held again.
Choosers were talking at a tea shop in Kalirbazar area of Phulchari upazila around twoo’clock moment. At that time, the council schoolteacher of Gunbhari area of the upazila, Moslem Uddin, said that the by- choices have been closed. What will the Election Commission decide now? Choosers are upset about the system of voting if there’s another election. He also said that four days are passing after the close of choices. But the choosers easily don’t know anything.

Zakir Hossain, a businessman in Kalirbazar area, said that the sympathizers of Awami League seeker protested to demand the advertisement of the results of the completed polling stations. But it isn’t clear whether the Election Commission will accept their demand or not. Hamidul Islam, an agrarian worker of the same area, said in his own words,” I stopped working and suggested.” Sandhyat Kata MP Hobi Ta Janbyar Pamo. When I stopped advancing, everything wasdestroyed.However, I know there will be no confusion, If there’s another vote. The government knows that it’s good to take measures.
Mozammel Haque, a tea dealer, said,” Manser Manot Bhoi Ache, Ebarkya Jani, there will be a good vote.”

Talking to the choosers of different areas of Saghata Upazila at around 11 am, a analogous response was attained. Nazrul Islam, a sheltered government functionary from Bonarpara area of the upazila, said that the by- election was gleeful till noon due to EVMs and CCTV cameras. The place of trust among people was restored. By- choices were stopped and everything went haywire. There’s a storm of discussion among the choosers about what the Election Commission will decide now. They’re staying to know the decision of the commission. The decision of the commission should be published at the foremost.
District Election Officer said that no decision has been entered from the Election Commission until 430 pm regarding voting again. Abdul Muttalib.

During the by- election of Gaibandha- 5 seat last Wednesday, four out of five campaigners abstained from advancing till noon. After seeing the irregularities in the CCTV cameras, the polling of 51 centers was suspended. At one stage, the election commission blazoned the check of the by- choices around 230 pm. Awami League leaders and activists held road leaguers and kick marches in two upazila headquarters to demand the advertisement of the results of the center which was completed that autumn.
Meanwhile, Awami League seeker Mahmud Hasan demanded to advertise the results of the completed centres. He said the by- choices were free and fair. Centers declared suspended may bere-elected. still, JPA designee Ghulam Shaheed thanked the Election Commission for stopping the by- election. He said, if the choices are held again, it’s a matter for the decision of the party high command whether JAPA will share or not.

Member of Parliament and Deputy Speaker tagged from this constituency, Fazle Rabbi failed on July 23 while witnessing treatment in the United States. also Election Commission declared the seat vacant.

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