Jabbar’s scapegoat gets more people than BNP’s rally: Information Minister

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Joint General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League Hasan Mahmud said that BNP has held a bomb rally called Mahasambesh after three months. Terrorists from each over the country are brought to Chittagong and rented hospices. The coming day they had a rally. In Chittagong, Jabbar’s Balikhela attracts further people than this. There was no involvement of common people in this rally.

The information minister said these effects to the intelligencers after meeting with members of congress of Chittagong megacity, north and south quarter Awami League and colorful constituencies. The meeting was held at Chittagong Circuit House on Saturday.

The Information Minister said,’ Bangladesh Awami League does politics with the people. We’ll hold mass gatherings and processions in every upazila and police station of Chittagong coming month with the people. After that we will hold a quarter rally in Chittagong megacity. also you’ll see, God willing, how our quarter assembly is.

Hasan Mahmud said,’ BNP held a rally in Chittagong, from that rally they gave colorful reprehensible statements. In that rally, terrorists from different places of Chittagong region gathered. It has painted a picture of creating lawlessness in the whole country including Chittagong. In that environment, we’re sitting moment to review the political situation and bandy what we should do.

Hashan Mahmud said,’ You know, the medications for the rally held by BNP in Chittagong took three long months. They said about the medications,1.5 million people will gather. From then, the distance to Cox’s Bazar is 180 km, the distance to Teknaf is 250 km, and people are brought from there as well. They offered behind 40 percent of the polo ground field. And the frontal part isn’t indeed partial full. In other words, indeed one- third of the polo ground isn’t filled duly. In Chittagong, the number of people who attend Jabbar’s Balikhela is much lower than that. The fact is, Jabbar’s ball game is a lot of people. BNP called a bomb rally in the name of Mahasambesh, indeed after crying.

BNP’s one- point demand is the downfall of the government, in response to questions from intelligencers, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said,’ BNP has been in this movement for 14 times. Since we formed the government two months agone, they’ve been agitating to see off the government. While doing the movement, it was seen that they were separated from the people. Within their movement, the people gave us the responsibility of running the state three times in a row. In view of their doing this movement, we suppose that our votes will increase in the coming election, God willing.

The Information Minister said,’ BNP is walking on the path of terrorism and lawlessness, I’ve requested our leaders and workers to keep a vigilant eye so that they don’t produce any conflict. Because they want conflict. But if they walk on the path of conflict, the people will be given a stern response.

Jatiya Sangsad Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury, Chittagong City Corporation Mayor Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, Railway Ministry- Related Parliamentary Standing Committee President ABM Fazle Karim Chowdhury, Members of Parliament Moslem Uddin Ahmed, Mostafizur Rahman, Mahfuzur Rahman Mita, Abu Reza were present in the meeting among others. Muhammad Nezamuddin Nadvi, Didarul Alam, Khadijatul Anwar Soni, Acting President of Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League Mahatab Uddin Chowdhury, General Secretary AJM Nashir Uddin, North District President MA Salam, General Secretary Sheikh Ataur Rahman, South District General Secretary Mofizur Rahmanetc.

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