After Messi-Dybala, Di Maria’s injury increased the anxiety of Argentina

The Mariah Photo: Twitter

Before the World Cup, worries about injuries have increased in the Argentina platoon. A many days agone, while taking a penalty shot, Paulo Dybala strained his left ham muscle. In between, Lionel Messi couldn’t play the last two matches for PSG due to injury. This time, Argentine winger Angel Di Maria also left the field with an injury.

Di Maria was injured 24 twinkles into Juventus’ 2- 0 loss against Israeli club Maccabi. Juvra traced 1- 0 in the match. Di Maria set a new record of assists a many days ago while still on the field to equate the platoon. While running, he was seen holding his right ham at one point. In the end, the former Real Madrid star left the field with a ham injury.

Di Maria was seen covering his face in frustration in his jersey as he went off injured. When the World Cup is knocking on the door, this injury is surely raising the forepart crinkle of this winger. Di Maria’s dejected expression easily shows that such an injury doesn’t shoot a good communication at the moment.
Di Maria was injured three times in three months. Due to injury, he couldn’t enter the field in several matches. Now it remains to be seen what communication this new injury sends to Argentina suckers ahead of the World Cup. Details of Di Maria’s injury weren’t known at the time of writing this report.

As Di Maria worries, PSG are hopeful of having Messi against Marseille. still, AS Roma trainer Jose Mourinho has expressed concern about Dybala. At the end of the match, Mourinho said,’ I’m not a croaker. But from my experience and what I’ve heard from Dybala, it seems that he’ll not be seen in the field this time.

Argentina has prepared in great meter before the World Cup. They’re also on the way to a new record of 35 matches unbeaten. still, before the launch of the World Cup, the injury of the platoon’s star players will surely worry trainer Lionel Scaloni.

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