Indian coach Dravid is happy with the World Cup team

India coach Rahul David : file photo

Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Lokesh Rahul, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Suryakumar Yadav — India’s platoon in this T20 World Cup is strong and balanced. But indeed so, Indian suckers have some regrets — ugh, if only Ravindra Jadeja had not dropped out due to injury! With this remorse, there’s also a fear- eventually if the injury knocks out Jasprit Bumrah from the World Cup!

piecemeal from this, some are talking about the absence of one or two like fast bowler Mohammad Shami or Abesh Khan. still, the platoon operation along with Indian trainer Rahul Dravid are happy with the platoon they’ve got.

The World Cup team was bandied at history’s press conference ahead of the alternate T20 match of the series against South Africa moment. Dravid said that he was happy with the platoon in that press conference.

Dravid said in the press conference,’ We were veritably clear about the kind of collaboration we want. We had a clear idea about which XI we want to play. piecemeal from this, we also knew what skill players we wanted. What kind of team we will take to the World Cup is veritably important.

Dravid also added,’ I will not spoil everything. But I suppose we have always been clear about that. The biggest thing is that we can take everything according to our requirements in the World Cup.

still, the injury has caused some problems in the platoon conformation, Dravid admitted,” Everything won’t be perfect due to injury or numerous otherreasons.However, we can say that we’re at ease with the platoon, from the point of view of the chops we’re bringing to the platoon, If everyone is fit.

Not all players in the 15- man World Cup team have been regulars in the once many series due to injury issues, playing and resting players. Questions have also been raised about it. In response, Dravid said,’ For sure, we couldn’t play this platoon due to colorful reasons. It could be. But I suppose everyone in the 15- man team has played a lot of justice in the last six months.

India will play from the Super Twelve in this time’s T20 World Cup in Australia. India will have to play at four venues in this phase. Dravid said about rotating the players who are suitable for each venue in the eleven,’ In a event like the World Cup, you play in five or four venues, because of this you have to have some diversity in the platoon and you have to be flexible in platoon selection.’ India’s World Cup crusade begins on October 23, with a match againstarch-rivals Pakistan.

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