Stokes countered Vogle’s tweet on Mankading

England’s Shirley Dinhby ‘Mankad’ out for leaving the crease : Twitter

The crucial incident happened in the final match of the England- India women’s justice series at Lord’s. within the 44th over of the match, Deepti Sharma stopped while brushing the third ball of the over, also broke the wholes on thenon-strike side. Charlie Dean was standing well outside the crinkle also. In other words, Dean, who maundered for 47 runs, may be a victim of mankading. Since also, there has been a storm on social media. numerous former and current cricketers have given their opinion. utmost cricketers in England feel that mankading should not be done indeed if it’s legal. British media didn’t stop moreover. So numerous people suppose that mankading is being exaggerated a touch more in England.

Justice critic and judge Harsha Bhogle twittered about this on Friday night. He thinks that culture features a relationship with it. And since they’ve ruled the country with utmost of the justice players, it’s wrong to try to to so by telling everyone. Their social authority was so strong, no bone

questioned it.’

within the 2019 World Cup final, the ball thrown by the New Zealand fielder hit the club of Ben Stokes for four. within the debate about this incident, numerous justice suckers have argued that if it is not against the spirit of justice, also how can Deepti Sharma’s mankading out be delivered to justice?

At other times Stokes had to listen to a lot about this, utmost of which came from Indians. Stokes also reminded Harsha that the 2019 World Cup inquiry was two times agone

. Indeed moment i buy numerous dispatches about it. utmost of it comes from the Indian followership. Harsha, doesn’t that bother you?’

the 2 didn’t stop there. further arguments on Twitter. Bhogle also twittered that he’d wish to talk to Stokes face- to- face in the future when it’s time. the britain Test captain attacked Bhogle again in a counter tweet to that tweet,’ what is the response of the rest of the world to this incident? England isn’t the only justice playing country, who are talking about this.

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